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The Passion behind Delisushi

The Brand Story

Passion, love and dedication, are the foundations behind Delisushi brand.
The pursuit of perfection, driven by respect to authentic taste and history behind making Sushi have made it a possibility for us to not only fill your stomachs, but also warm your hearts and uplift your mood with yummy Japanese delicacies in the U.A.E.

Pooling together extensive knowledge, passion and the will to share experiences, our team of Japanese experts in Sushi thoughtfully crafted and curated a menu that has something for everyone- from a stunning selection of fresh sushi to sashimi.
We deliver an authentic flavor while respecting the traditions of the past by blending together authentic Japanese ingredients, the art of preparation, attention to detail and intercontinental know-how.

Our enthusiasm of care and safety first, guides us to offer you fresh food and to maintain a trusted surrounding as you dine with us.

Being a part of larger Japanese chain, our U.A.E group endeavors to reinforce standards of our icon by creating magical experiences for you while serving a variety to please your palates.

Masters of Sushi

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